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Moxy is a fun, vibrant and stylish hotel designed to give guests everything they want and nothing they don’t at an affordable price. Launched in 2014, the brand offers up a new way of traveling in which smaller is concentration, not reduction – where affordability is not a sacrifice of style, nor a loss of comfort – and, when we say: “less is more” we accentuate more, not less. The Moxy Hotels brand is defined by its attitude – price is just a pleasant surprise.  It has cozy rooms (183 square feet of coziness) with premium comforts and comes at a cost to build that is very easy to digest. The brand lives in the public space (we call it the NOW), it’s communal, with convenient services like 24/7 grab and go, tech enabled environment (key less entry and furiously fast and free wifi) and amped up bar experience.  

Unlike any other brand in its tier, Moxy is all about creating cool, energetic, communal spaces with a “crew” who helps guests have some fun.

The brand in the U.S. is designed to live in urban/metro locations like New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, LA, New Orleans and Chicago.  The brand in Europe lives in urban, suburban and airport locations like Heathrow, Amsterdam, London, Vienna, Frankfurt and many more.

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