Renaissance Hotels

Intriguing, Indigenous, Independent

Now more than ever, today’s lifestyle brands are opening up a new world of discovery to travelers looking for something unique and expressive. With Renaissance Hotels, owners and developers have an opportunity to tap into the growing demand for more experiential travel by developing a true lifestyle hotel with one of the world’s largest hospitality leaders.

At Renaissance, we believe that guests spend their lives working and should discover the world as they go. Each Renaissance hotel offers a journey of discovery and inspiration, both on and off property. It is a collection of hidden gems — multifaceted and distinguished by beautiful and interesting characteristics — yet united by its common core values: intriguing, indigenous and independent.

As a part of the Marriott® lodging portfolio, Renaissance has access to a vast international customer base and best-in-class business and operational engines. Its collection of distinctive global properties continues to outshine the competition year after year.

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