Global Design

Marriott’s Global Design team is a worldwide resource dedicated to assuring brand integrity and optimizing performance. With six offices and fluency in 14 languages, Global Design handles millions of dollars in hotel new construction, conversions and renovations annually. Services include:

New Designs and New Concepts
Market research meets design intelligence. Global Design invests considerable resources in research and development to design both the front of house and the back of house — and improve— the way people travel today. Working in concert with the franchise and owner advisors, Global Design brings smart, relevant design and product ideas and strategies to your property efficiently and cost effectively.

Project Support
Think of us as your creative guide, here to help you ensure great guest experiences through innovative ideas and practices that are available to all Marriott brands. Global Design handles architecture and interior design as well as feasibility, project management, engineering, estimating and procurement issues. Our talented professionals help make the most of your investment by providing design strategies, prototype designs, advising on custom packages, and working with you to interpret your vision. We can also work with you to find an experienced firm to develop your project, providing guidance on cost-effectiveness and meeting guest expectations.

Superior products at superior prices. Global Design’s procurement team makes your Marriott affiliation pay with economies of scale and strong supplier relationships that improve cost efficiencies. The team researches products, negotiates with suppliers and warehousing services, and works with you to help deliver affordably.

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